Custom HTTP headers specific to the Variational API

Authentication Request Headers

  • X-Request-Timestamp-Ms: Unix timestamp of the request (in milliseconds)

  • X-Variational-Key: client API key

  • X-Variational-Signature: a signature derived from the timestamp, client API key, secret, some of the request parameters and payload

Please see Authentication for more details.

Rate Limiting Response Headers

  • X-Rate-Limit-Resets-In-Ms - included with HTTP 429 Too Many Requests responses; contains a minimal delay in milliseconds after which the next request will be allowed

Please see Rate Limits for more details.

Utility Response Headers

  • X-Request-Received-Ms - included with all responses; contains a timestamp in milliseconds at which the request was received by the API server. Can be used to calculate network latency.

Python SDK Latency Example:

ts_before = time.time()
response = client.get_portfolio_assets(pool="10e91774-34eb-4472-86c0-c910a22a4656")
assets = response.result
latency_s = response.meta.request_received_at - ts_before

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